Lyman Class of 1992 Reunion

Whats Going on

Pre - Planning Meeting

There are several of us still local to the area that have talked about having a strategy/brainstorming meeting to discuss all the options researched so far. Everyone interested should send us a email expressing your interest.

20 Year Reunion

The 20th High School Reunion is scheduled for October 26th and 27th at the Lake Mary Marriott.  We are attempting to keep everyone's lifestyle in mind regarding the schedule of events and budget constraints.  The biggest thing is being able to provide expected results.  Unfortunately we've had to exceed the dollar amount to $75.00 per person.  This is going to give us the ability to give the most bang for the buck rather than doing things half way. 

So What's Included in the price?

We plan on having a cocktail reception (cash bar) prior to the dinner in the atrium that will give us the opportunity for a bit of mingling and potential networking with the Alumni.  Needless to say bring some business cards so we can find some opportunities in the respected industry you are working in.  There is nothing better than re-connecting with people you haven't seen in a while and providing either a potential contract or job opportunity in the respected field of work you or they are currently in. This is one way to help stimulate the economy. 

After the cocktail reception, we plan on having a very respectful salute to our dearly departed and especially to our Veterans who are currently serving or paid the ultimate sacrifice to serve and defend our country.  We can't thank them enough and the significant others who stood behind them and respectfully honor their service to our county.  What better way to do that is to honor all of those men and women?  

The sit down dinner will included all the typical aspects of dinner, except cocktails.  We have a knock out dinner planned that is with everyone's tastes and ideals in mind.  During the event we are plan to have a DJ which will keep the party going till the Marriott shuts us down.  We will have a dance floor to compliment the DJ so we can kick off our shoes and have a little fun that evening.  After that point, who knows?  Keep in mind, no drinking and driving.  Pre plan and reserve a room so no one has to have a awkward moment and you have to sleep on someones couch.  You've made it this far and we would not want to loose you now!! 

Lyman H.S. Class of 1992
20 Year Reunion

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